3DWebWorldz Region Rental (Standard)

$14.99 $9.99 / month and a $14.99 sign-up fee

Get your own virtual region on 3DWebWorldz.


This package provides you visitor traffic on and For additional options, please check out our Standard Plus option.

Region Rental includes:
— Virtual Region (with or without a template build).
— Two additional regions added as needed for space or performance.
— Access to the deluxe suite of 3DWW Building Tools.
— Access to 3DWW Texture and Object Library.
— Access to 3DWW Upload Tools (textures and 3D Objects).
— Access to 3DWW Quiz/Quest Tools.
— Access to 3DWW Region Presentation Tools.
— Free building classes and training.
— Support consultation and building assistance.
— Public teleport presence in 3DWebWorldz and 3DPortals, if desired.

**Please note it takes between 24-48 hours for a region setup.
 **Unused texture and object uploads may be deleted after thirty days unless they are high quality and provided to the common library for all users to share.


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