Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds are not the same thing as 3D Website Spaces.  3D Websites can be opened right from your favorite browser (Google Chrome recommended).  A Virtual World takes 3D space a bit farther and requires you to download a viewing software.  It's not hard to do, just takes a little more effort.  Why is this necessary?  The browser window is not designed and cannot handle the memory load involved.

Most of our Virtual World builds are part of our TRIPLE TARGET Package.  This means our clients have a Traditional 2D website, a 3D Walk-in Website Space and a Virtual World.  A2Z Smart Group LLC builds and maintains a beautiful virtual world space known as Inspiration Island and we would love for you to join us.

As an example, here is how the TRIPLE TARGET package works for us, A2Z Smart Group, LLC.  Below you will find images with links to our 2D Website, 3D Walk-in-Website Space and the A2Z Headquarters in the virtual world.



2D Website

3D Website

Virtual World

Additional Examples

We have many clients that use this method for ultimate exposure and productivity.  To learn more about our Virtual World Management and opportunities, please visit the dedicated website:

VW Art Gallery

VW Music School

Create an avatar for free and come check it out.  You will also find virtual builds of the A2Z 3D Art Gallery and the SingSmart Music School.