3DWebWorldz Tech Updates

UPDATE 12/1/19 >
-Addition of Avatars (Male Human, Female Human, Androgynous Options, Genderless “Zendzis”, and Anemojis)
-Private dressing room
-Private closet for customization of skins, pants, shirts, shoes, eyes, hair, nails and skins.
-New toolbar
-New camera choices for easier movement
-Animation hud
-Regions updated to new interface
-Edit tools menu cleaned up
-.dae files removed
-New PopUp Library (edit, delete and add)
-New Region Information Option (region owners add in Region Edit Panel)
-New Orientation Centers
-Redirected guests and new users to New Orientation Regions
-Removed Navigation Click Hud

Update 12/7/19 >
-Dimmed and minimized avatar facelight

Update 10/25/19  >
NEW FEATURE: World Wide Messages from Management.

10/25/19 BUGFIX:
New registrations were getting caught up on the GDPR requirements. FIXED.

10/21/19 UPDATE:
Mesh Library — can search all on one page. Preview now opens in a separate tab, more reliable.
Added Avatar category in prep for next update. Upload Mesh — removed the .dae option

UPDATE 9/8/19: >>Added Guest Users to Radar

UPDATE 08/30/18 >Moved “open function ” BottomToolbar and Navigation Buttons to the sides of screen to provide more screen real estate >Bottom toolbar now launches as “open” on desktops and “closed” on mobile devices >Teleport Menu upgrade provides options for “featured regions” and easy button clicks per category.

UPDATE 08/28/18 >Added navigational hud for mobiles and desktops >middle mouse button releases cursor (TO DO – remove alert) >Added copy region function to facilitate gallery rentals >Created texture only edit menu for artists (TO DO – reorganize canvas order / launch)

UPDATE 08/16/18 – Text was updated to show on both sides

UPDATE 08/14/18 – Added Copy Assets. User can create items on one region and reuse them on another region. On Edit Tools Panel, the Copy Button will list all items created by user and can be copied to same or different region by pressing the ADD button.

UPDATE 08/13/18 – Added drop location for prim and mesh assets to region. Everytime the world is loaded or the avatar is rebaked it sets a location point for asset drop. Procedure…move avatar to desired location, rebake button, add prims/meshes, reload world when ready to edit.

UPDATE 08/03/18 – Added positioning and rotation to the Reload World function. Reload World will now keep avatar in current position and not send them back to default landing point. To reset world completely and return to default landing point, user will need to refresh the entire browser page.

Update 7-29-18: added message to content creators on region credits page.

UPDATE 7/27/18 — terminated the bug that only allowed one additional builder per region at a time. Now a region owner can assign any number of builders successfully, simultaneous building now working. Each prim and mesh item added to a region has the username that added the object so if simultaneous building is in process, each user can make sure they are editing their own object in the region toolset.

UPDATE 07/16/18 – Redesign of Interactive Window PopUps, Easier to Read

UPDATE 07/16/18: Added Sprite Prim Type to builder set.

UPDATE 07-14-18 : New Toolset with added camera controls and customizable avatars.

UPDATE 07-13-18 : Avatar Upgrade Changes to the avatar were made based on user comments for better functionality.

UPDATE 07-13-18: Stealth Camera Option

UPDATE 07 /06/18 Added triangles and torus to the prim set option for builders.

UPDATE 07/05/18 Teleport Menu – added icons Inspiration Island Outpost – upgraded to dynamic system and embedded into http://inspiration-island.com/outpost.php

UPDATE 6/29/18 Mesh Library — user can add personal inventory folders for mesh items, reassign categories, rename and delete mesh images.
BackEnd – all mesh library items now controlled in one location, fixed preview differential.

UPDATE 6/28/18 Texture Library — user can add personal inventory folders, reassign categories, rename and delete images.

Update 6/23/18 Added Landing Rotation and Ocean Setting options under Edit Regions Panel


Added the option to teleport someone to your location.

Notes:  Must be Registered Users.

Legacy Regions do not have this option sending or receiving, but these regions are being updated daily.


Added a non-avatar, solo experience of our worlds at https://3DPortals.com

UPDATE 5/25/18 – Real Time Chalkboard

Added interactive chalkboard to toolset.  Region owner can assign presenter for both the slideshow and the chalkboard to give usage control during a class or presentation.

KNOWN Low-Priority BUG:  When the chalkboard function is turned on, it causes issues with Easy Building Toolset.

Temporary solution:  turn off chalkboard feature when building.

UPDATE 5/24/18 – 

Added a complete 3DWW Social Network System;

Added a LiveWebCam menu item inside the Social Tools Frame for our Live Events


The new template system is ready for testing.  Currently, we have focused on helping out our artists and have two templates prepared :

1) Art Gallery Building — easily add your own images by changing the textures on the preset frames.  You can also customize your own look and feel by changing the walls, floors, ceilings, etc.  Every piece of the gallery can be edited by the user that imports it.

See import sample by teleporting to NEW SAMPLE ART GALLERY from the teleport menu.  Import to your own world using the Edit Tools Panel.

2) Sign Marquis or Artist Bin — This template allows you to add 10 thumbnail images that fill the entire marquis upon focus.
Tutorials coming soon, but in the meantime feel free to experiment and share your results!Have an idea or blueprint you want us to create as a template?  Give me a shout.

UPDATE 5/18/18

The Advanced Meeting Tools have been added back to the 3DWW options. Please note, you will be prompted for an additional registration to access..

Quick explanation  of the COMMUNICATION and MEETING TOOLS  on 3DWW– pick the ones that work best for your event:
–Easy 1-click Voice — click the JOIN VOICE  button on the bottom
–Easy 1-Click Chat/IM – Click the Be Social Button on bottom toolbar.
–Easy 2-Click Video Conference – Click  “Be Social” button on bottom toolbar then the Video Conferencing Link under 3DWW Face2Face menu.
–Advanced Meeting/Teaching Tools:Click the Advanced Tools link in the “Be Social” Panel (sign in or register).  This tool set provides an advanced whiteboard and file sharing system along with included video and chat options within the same panel.Enjoy!

UPDATE 5/15/18
Fixed navigation bug on mobile devices caused by GDPR update.
Slowed down popup boxes and links for smoother experience. User must stop and focus on an item for pop-up to occur
Worked on chat social system to make more user friendly. Added the full window button, to increase the size of private and public chat as desired.
TO DO: make chat system on mobile systems more user-friendly

UPDATE 5/9/18
-GDPR compliant login and record keeping system for new registers and retroactive system for current members
-New social chat system added with the ability to leave messages for other members and easy video conferencing between members
-User interface updated based on user feedback



Region owners can now turn on their stats during building process or to troubleshoot user experience.  Controls are found here: EDIT TOOLS/MY REGION DETAILS
Reload region after saving change.

4/27/18 UPDATES to 3DWebWORLDZ.com


The MENU & INFO button panel now offers a Region Credits options for the new improved 3DWebWorldz system.  This allows us to give thanks to the 3D Creators who build content.  If you upload a model to your world built by someone else, please remember to fill in the “Credit” option.

(Region credits is not yet available on our legacy regions, but will be soon.)


Every region is now equipped with an easy presentation tool.  Region Owners can activate their presentation tool in the Edit Tools Panel / My Region Details.  You can alter the location of your presentation board and also assign a user to control the slide presentation.

Presenters can create their presentations using the MENU & INFO/Presentation Tools Button.  You can create as many presentations/class materials as you like, but you most own a region or have region authority to make your presentation.  When you have been given Presentation Authority, a “Presentations” Button will present at the bottom of your screen to control your slide show.

If attending members focus on the presentation board, they will receive a 3DWindowPop that allows them  see your slides close up.  They can close the window if desired.  With continued focus, they will not be disturbed by another 3DWindowPop.


If you would like to host a meeting or class, but don’t have your own region or classroom, you are welcome to use our conference center. For private meetings, please contact the A2Z Help Desk at https://a2z.freshdesk.com to reserve the space.

You can easily reach this building through the A2Z Teleport Directory.


If you are building your region and would like to provide organized seating tools, you can enter the Edit Tools Panel and navigate to editing your geoshape prim object and turn on the interaction called:  Make this a Seat.  If you have imported a large seating area, simply add a box, make it invisible and assign the seating action.


You can now add persistent animations like rotation or object movement to a geoshape prim.  On your Edit Panel, look for the Animations Area and choose from the common library of animations.

You can also create your animations by clicking the “Build Your Own Custom Animations” button from the Edit Tools Panel.


Are available for geoshape prims placed in your world using the “fx” button next to the item in the editing panel.  Please see the provided tutorial for instructions by clicking the Edit Tools button at top right, scroll to the bottom of that panel to see all available tutorials.


Included in a previous update, you can create your own 3DWindowPops (“Build Your World Popups” button).  We have now added some common library options (listed in blue on the pulldown).

As an example, you can add elevators using the common library textures and then assign the “Art Elevator” if you are part of our art gallery team.  You can also create your own Train Ticket World Teleporter.


If you show up in a world as an anonymous user with “Hello World” printed above your head, you entered the world faster than your identity!  Click the MENU & INFO / Rebake Avatar button to find yourself again.


The format of the texture library has been improved for your convenience.


We have added tutorials on many of our features, with more coming soon.  Please click the EDIT TOOLS panel and scroll to the bottom to learn more.


Misterblue_Waves was able to upload the first converted OAR into 3DWebWorldz.  Thank you, Misterblue, for your testing and continued work on this exciting possibility.

Have a question?   Ask us.

Have a wishlist?  Tell us about it!

Find a bug?  Let us know and we will do our best to squash it quickly.



The Edit Panel can now be resized and moved around your browser window.  Thank you @TerriTam TT  for pointing out the need for that convenient option.

This has been tested in Chrome and Firefox.  Please let me know if you experience any issues with this new feature.

BUG FIX:  The Home and You Are Here Button was broken on the latest update.  It has now been repaired.  You can set your Home Location in your User Profile.

Bill Blight Comment re RUBBER BANDING BUG:

@everyone , just an update we found the source of the stutter/rubber banding in chrome ..  IF Hardware Acceleration is turned off your experience my suffer greatly.



The “light” option is now available.  You can add and edit the “light” option the same place you add boxes and planes.  It is an ambient light setting, and the color of the light can be changes, as well as the position of the lighting.  Additional light options (directional, etc.) will be added at a later date.  Enjoy!

Added Regions

A2Z Train Station

Charles Demuth Art Gallery Art History Exhibit



-added FAQs to answer common user questions

-added Portal Pages from https://myschool3d.com/https://myartgalleries.com/, and https://livemusic3d.com/ allowing users to experience 3D Virtual Worlds in a Browser without logging in.


-Black login screen fixed by adding a shuttle page

-Ghosting Hello World avatars fixed by adding a Rebake Avatar button.

-Fixed mobile devices bouncing back to login page after logging in.

TO DO:  Dynamically retrieve device settings

Upgrade profile settings to fix reported issues

Begin testing build tools with chosen users.

Building Tools Tutorial.

Upgrade chat system and related options

KNOWN BUG – work in progress

In our WWv7 Legacy Regions, doorways are returning you to the same room you occupy instead of teleporting.  Please use the teleport menu to reach your destination until this is repaired.

REPORTED BUG under investigation:

Some users are experiencing “rubberbanding” in Chrome, while others are not.  Possible cause is firewall or plugin on client side.  More research and testing needed.

Please report your experiences, we love applause!  We also want to hear about any negative experiences in our Discord Bug Channel.  Let us know, we’ll squash them, one at a time.


04/01/18 –

Web-Worldz.com Beta v7 rebranded and launched 3DWebWorldz.com 1.0

-Default landing point has been updated to the A2Z Train Station which provides options to learn navigation and other options inside 3DWebWorldz.  Hop the train to reach a destination, use the teleport menu, or use the train ticket machine.

-added LogIn location option

-redesigned back end to allow users to build their own worlds

-redesigned teleport system to allow transport to both WWv7 Legacy System and New Dynamic System

-added Build Tools, beta tested on the new Warehouse and Train Station

-added WebCam and new video streaming server for live performers inside the Warehouse, first performance achieved


v7 Release Notes 2/2/18

–Moved to a dedicated server with 4x the speed of previous system.

–Registered users now have access to Edit Profile across entire WebGrid.

–New avatar with profile pictures and emojihead expression now available across entire WebGrid.

–Guests can change emoji, but not their avatar picture.

–Guests and users without profile images automatically load with anonymous image.

–User nametags now above head and placed on back of avatar.

–Registered users will log into their set homeworld or the Commons Area as default

Tool Development

–1-Click WebRTC voice still available per region, but now must be turned on by user instead of instantly active upon landing. A new dynamic system finds the current region room and adds the user.

— Dynamic room addition allows us to instantly add teachers, webinar leaders, business meetings, etc.  See example on teleport menu, scroll down for users assigned as teachers.

–Addition of Advanced Meeting tools with public chat, video chat options, friends lists, search for users, email users, lists of users in room, room moderation, whiteboard with drag and drop features (documents, images, mp4s), screensharing and room recording.

–EasyWorldChat and Personal IM still available, but relocated for better real estate usage.

–Screen options for world and tools (hide, unhide, split screen vertical and horizontal)


Movement in Chrome – temporary fix, removed mouselook and added click-mouse to rotate.  Until Chrome fixes additional issues, FIRESTORM is recommended browser. (need to test voice)

TO DO:  Connect logins between Web-Worldz and Meeting/Social Tools