Custom Solutions – Scripts and Software

Sometimes standard solutions work, but most of the time they don’t exactly fit your needs.  Whether we need to modify your current solution, customize an open source solution, or create one from scratch – we have the skills to develop your personalized productive and effective system.

How? We are innovative computer geeks that speak a variety of different languages (php, mySql, html, css, javascript, ajax, jquery, xml).  Those might look like alien languages to you, but in simple terms, that means we can make magic happen on your website and your desktop.

Many of our boxed products are needed solutions discovered by working with people just like you. Others, because we needed it for one of our unique projects.  When we see something that takes longer than it should, or is more difficult than needed, that’s our sweet spot.   Here are just a few of the programs created by our team:

  • 3DWebworldz Multi-Avatar Networked Platform
  • 3DWebWindowz Land Extensions for Any Virtual Platform
  • Text Multi-User Live Chat System
  • Personal Journal and Log Feed
  • Manual in a Box System
  • Personal Archive, Lists, Organization
  • Artist Collection Catalog
  • Artist Online & Virtual Gallery
  • Author Character Creator System
  • Author Complete Action System
  • Interactive Quiz and Quest for Teachers
  • Event Management Website System
  • Point of Purchase System with Custom Reports
  • …and so much more.

We are working on making the above systems available for generic use.  If you are interested now, and don’t want to wait for us to officially add the product to our store, contact us.  We can get you squared away quickly.

E-Commerce:  Have you done the research? There are a lot of options out there and most of them require high monthly fees and LIMIT YOU to a small number of inventory items.  Set yourself up for success with a custom solution that fits your business perfectly. After you are all set-up and trained on how to manage your inventory, there is NO additional cost for the store itself:  no fees per product sold, no percentages to split, nada.  A2Z Smart Consulting will set you up for success to increase your profits, not spend all your earnings on unexpected fees. And, if you need a little hand holding for a few months to get you started and keep you on track, we will create an affordable custom plan for you.

Custom Solutions from Scratch. We will take your data and turn it into an easy, manageable system.

Open source solutions are free software.  A2Z has extensive experience in customizing open source solutions to meet specific needs. Choosing such an option cuts your development fees by great amounts and keeps you from incurring exorbitant software licensing fees. As examples, maybe you have heard of WordPress (common blogging application) or Zen Cart (popular e-commerce solution), two fine examples of quality open source options.  Open source solutions put YOU in complete control. Unfortunately, whether you want them customized or not, the set up can be pretty stressful. We are here to help.  A2Z can usually get you up and running with standard solutions in 48 hours!

Free consultations:  Click here