Teaching & Tutoring

Our team is happy to share their knowledge with you as an individual, you and your friends, a home-schooling class, or larger group.  Here are just some of the class topics and software packages where we can lend assistance.

Classes are held virtually or face-to-face in Camden, SC. Be sure to include your phone number with your order.  If you haven’t set up a meeting time already, we’ll call you within 48 hours to confirm a meeting time.

If you don’t see a desired topic on the list, don’t hesitate to ask us.  Our projects require a large number of skills and we are happy to teach you what we know.

Available Classes & Mentoring Sessions

• Blender (3D Object Creation)
• Virtual Region Building
• Virtual World Creation
• 2D Website Design
• 3D Website Design
• WordPress Blog
• Custom Scripting
• Video/Commercial Creation

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