3D Walk-In Websites : Virtual Web Worlds

Imagine finding your favorite topic on the internet and navigating to their website...only instead of pointing and clicking through hundreds of pages you literally WALK IN and look around.
You don't have to imagine anymore.

3D Website experiences can be embedded right into your website for a smooth and seamless transition.  Keep the traditional surfers happy, while increasing interest and conversion through a unique 3D immersion experience.

3D Websites vs. Virtual World in a Browser

The main difference between the two is social interaction.  3D Websites are a solo experience and Virtual Worlds in a Browser allow for a social experience, meaning you have an avatar and you will meet others as they also explore the environment. Here are just a few of the features outlined to help provide clarification.

Feature 3D Websites
Virtual Worlds in a Web Browser
(Chrome or Firefox Recommended)
3D Immersive Environment    
Navigation Hud & Movement    
Region Teleport Available    
Log In Required
(Either as Guest or Registered User)
Interactive Objects    
Avatars with Customization Tools  
Chat and Private IM  
Building Tools  
Chalkboard Tool  
Slide Presentation Tool  
Streaming Presentation Tool
(for live events)
VideoChat Meeting Tool with Screenshare and Private Group Chat  
Private Regions with Whitelisted Access Only  
Classroom Lockdowns - They can enter, but they can't get out. No teleport to other regions available.  
Embedded into 2d Websites    

With only a few exceptions, all of our regions on https://3DWebWorldz.com are also available on https://3DPortals.com, but as a solo experience without the avatars or required log in.



BELOW is an embed of
https://3DPortals.com - The Train Station

**WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE ARROW KEYS in Embedded Examples. **
Please move with: WASD, E and C keys  or the Navigation Hud below.


  • Group Meeting Spaces - No need for social distancing or a mask.  Meet with your team members (or your friends) in a virtual space.
  • Education - Sometimes 3d Models are the only way to clearly express an idea.  Using Javascript we can create quizzes and other immersive, interactive experiences.  Imagine a history exhibit, a spelling bee challenge, math tutorials with visual aids, reading and writing homework assignments based on what your student sees.   Use audio and media files to increase interest and attention span.
  • Art Galleries - Selling your art online?  Combine your e-commerce store with a 3d experience and allow your visitors to walk through your gallery. You can also save your entire collection.  Have trouble letting a special piece go and running out of personal wall space?  Sell that item and preserve your entire body of work in a virtual gallery.
  • Private Virtual Office - Conduct your business in a safe environment, with clients and customers in any zip code.
  • Virtual Book Experiences - Writers create scenes from your novel to immerse your readers.
  • Musicians, Comedians, Performers - Stream shows to your fans in your own virtual venue.  Doesn't get any cooler than that for your fans.
  • Memorials - Create a memorial for a loved one or pet to preserve the memories and  their legacy. Allow family and friends all across the globe to join in the celebration of your loved one's life and mourning of their passing.
  • Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions and Memories - Virtual Weddings and Receptions are safe and affordable.  Plus, you can recreate your wedding environment and experience that special day over and over again.
  • E-Commerce Stores - If you are selling to a world-wide audience, why not let them walk through your virtual store to make their decisions? Combine this option with your 2D e-commerce site.  Your visitor walks through your store and clicks on a 3D  item to purchase or add to their cart.
  • 3D Scrapbooks of events, reunions, friendships, share your children's development with family and friends (even offer a scholarship donation opportunity!).
  • Virtual Meetings and Training - put all of your training aids into your virtual room - there are many solutions that can be included for podcasts, voice conference, etc.
  • Real Estate Builders - Your customers can literally walk through the home to make the decision on which model is right for them - no matter where they are in the world.  Have a customer that can't decide on cabinet or counter styles?  No problem, let them see it first!

The list is endless. These are just a few ideas to help you understand the wave of the future.  In fifteen years, everyone will be using 3D Web Spaces that allow visitors to walk into them.  Right now, you can be one of the first.

If you want your VIRTUAL WEB WORLD to be active online, but also private, whitelisting of names is available - and can be altered by the region owner with a few clicks.