Marketing, Management & Maintenance

The 3 M’s can make or break your organization.  Just like your lawn needs to be managed and maintained, so does your website.  Technology moves fast.  If your site gets outdated on a variety of levels, trouble and chaos will follow.  And, if you don’t market your web site efficiently, you are losing a lot of traffic.

Marketing – we provide a variety of services to assist with getting your name out there.  From Search Engine Optimization so people can find you in the search engines under your key topics, to helping you manage a system that blasts your information across social media. Whether we set up a system that makes it easy for you handle, or we take care of it for you, marketing doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Management – we specialize in helping small businesses and most of our clients prefer to get the training to manage their own site, but if you need that extra help to get you going or you just need someone else to do the techy stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Maintenance – No matter what system is best for you, there will be updates needed.  If you are running scripts, your script engine will eventually need to be updated.  If you are using open source software, updates will be released…sometimes several per year.  It may not be necessary that your site participate in every update released, but sometimes there are security issues that need to be addressed.  Your site may be safe and secure today, but one fact seems to be true – hackers never sleep. When these needed updates become available, lean on us to handle it all!

Our services are affordable and low monthly retainers are available for our hosting and design clients.  We keep your profit margin in mind, therefore, our low retainers are set at one price, no matter which hands-on service you need.

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