Audio & Video Services

Audio and Video is an extremely effective way to gain attention.  In today’s visual world, videos receive far more clicks than any other medium.  With our help, videos can be an easy option.

Video Production and Editing:

Creating your own video is as easy as shooting video pieces from your smart device.  Take as many video “reels” as you need to and then send us the raw footage.  We will consult with you regarding your desired result and get right to work.  Edit and cut the footage as necessary, as well as add special effects, music loops and/or other graphics.  So don’t worry about that blooper…unless you want us to create a blooper reel for you.  Who doesn’t like bloopers?

Audio Production and Voice Overs:

Need additional audio presentation on your video, or a professional voice for your telephone recording system? We got you covered.  If you prefer to use your own voice but not happy with the quality?  We know the tricks to remove the hiss, get rid of that loud “P” pop and other common voice over challenges.

Why not get started on your promotional video today?

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SAMPLE:  Video Book Trailer