Affordable Web Design and Development Have you ever noticed that when you go to web design sites there are no prices anywhere and you have to spend hours of time just to try to get an estimate? In some respects there is a good reason for this, because every project is unique and requires review before a price can be given.

With that being said, we operate on a per project fee (consultation required) or an hourly rate.


If your free consultation determines a set project fee is your best bet, we will require 1/2 down to start. When we present our progress at an agreed upon phase, another 1/4 will be due. Final payment due when we release the entire project as complete.


If you are current member of the A2Z Family, meaning we built your site or have agreed upon a long-term relationship solution, you can opt for an hourly retainer.  That means that no matter what we do for you, even complicated scripting, it is only $50.00/hr.  The retainer is only in action when you need us, there is no ongoing monthly fee.


If your job is a small project and you are not a member of our A2Z Family, the following price schedule will generally apply.  Before you look at these prices please note that when it comes to graphic design, we are Photoshop experts.  If you are able to outline your needs, generally speaking, we can create 2-3 advertisements or illustrations an hour:

  • $70.00/hr for Custom Scripting (PHP, MySql, Database, Java, CGI);
  • $50.00/hr for any other web master or design work
  • $2.00/pg for document restoration. Please note this is a starting price. If we receive the document, photograph or book restoration project and there is a lot of pixel rebuilding to do, we will immediately notify you to discuss.


Contact us and share your situation.  If we can find a more affordable option for you, we will.  We can also help you develop a multi-phase plan that will work for you — meaning we build it in stages, as your budget allows.