Blog Design with Social Media Management

Blogging sites are probably our most popular service at the moment, and with good reason.  If you want to stay connected to your clients, fans or customers, blogging is the way to go.  It’s like having your own magazine publication at your fingertips; and, what most people don’t know is that blogging sites can do just about anything.

First and foremost, a blogging site can completely organize your social media nightmare.  Yeah, we know.  Tired of making duplicate posts in twelve different social media arenas to grab attention?  We will set up your blogging site to make all of that happen in an instant!

What does that really mean?  That means no more pulling out your hair, because we make it easy.  How would you like to make a post in your blog and have it automatically  posted to all your social media accounts?  We can help make that happen.  In fact, your one blog post can automatically be posted in 100+ social media accounts.  How is that for saving yourself some time?

We even go one step further.  If the idea of blogging makes you roll your eyes and dread your work day, let us handle that for you with one of our Web Site Marketing, Management and Maintenance plans.

Beyond that, your options with a blog site are almost limitless.  We can add an e-commerce store right inside the blog framework (although we may recommend another solution based on your needs).  How about a forum or your own private community?  A gallery for your photography or artwork?  Audio or video to share your music?  No problem!

And BEST OF ALL, once your blog site is set up and you have received just a little bit of training, you can run the whole thing yourself (if you want to,that is).  It is easy to operate on a daily basis. But don’t worry, you can always call upon us if you run into a glitch or decide to expand your blog abilities.

Contact us for more information.  We give free web design consultations to new clients: New Client –  Blog Design  Free Consultation.