E-Commerce Site Development

E-Commerce Web Site Development from A2Z

So you are finally ready to put yourself on the web and make your first million!  Whether you already have a brick and mortar store full of inventory, are wanting to sell your art,  music, or even if you want to sell other’s products for referral fees, A2Z can help you find the perfect solution and get you all set up — all within your budget.

Some people like “hosted web server stores” — a web-based service where you pay a monthly fee or sale percentage.  If that’s what you prefer, we can help you with your customization and getting your data organized.  If you have a large number of items or tremble at the thought of paying high monthly fees when you aren’t sure how much you will sell in your first couple of months, we will help you find the perfect solution.

There are several open source software systems that are available to you.  We prefer Zen Cart because of its tried and true reputation and the ability to customize it to meet your exact needs.  You can sell as many products as you like without sharing any percentage of your sales or being charged based on product inventory number.   Once it is installed and set up to your liking, no monthly fees just to have an online store.

Whether your products are digital (downloads) or need to be shipped, Zen Cart works like a charm. In addition, with just a little bit of training. you can run your store on your own. Just keep our number handy in case you run into trouble or have questions.  We are more than happy to do all the heavy tech lifting.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation: New Clients – E-commerce Site Design Free Consultation.  We make moving your store to the world wide web easy…and dare we say it, FUN!