SEO = Search Engine Optimization

It’s a sad fact that no matter how beautiful your site design, if no one can find it, what difference does it make? Sure you can hand out business cards and send out notices to your friend lists, but in today’s world that just isn’t enough. You need to be found in search engines, and by that we mean the most popular search engines out there.

With the right site design and SEO strategy, your site and products could be seen by millions.  Think about it, MILLIONS!

A2Z works with you right from the beginning to make sure your design is efficient and productive.  Sure, we can help you optimize if your site is already built, but if you are just getting started, building with optimization makes a lot more sense and is a lot more effective.  I mean, would you build a house and then immediately pull off the drywall to add better insulation?  Probably not, at least not if your contractor was thinking ahead with good judgment.

In addition to making sure your site has a sound foundation, there are many other things that can be done to help you climb the ranks.  Most people have no idea how to do this and with so many people putting sites into the world, this gets harder every day.  Let’s face it, only one person can have the number one spot for the same key word.  A2Z knows how to get sites to the top and have sites that have been ranked number one for twenty years.  Our favorite example is “Free Singing Tips”.


Not only will we help by giving you an effective site design.  We will TEACH YOU some of our tricks so you can apply them to your blog posts or product pages! Why do we do this?  We treat all of our clients like family.  Your success is our success.

New Clients are offered a free consultation: New Client – Web Site Design and SEO Strategy Free Consultation