3DWebWorldz – Virtual World in a Browser is Getting Easier and Easier

We have made quite a bit of progress on https://3DWebWorldz.com, so if you haven’t visited lately, come check us out. Some of the highlights include:

1) Building Tools – create your own region!

2) Template Tools — Create your own region using our templates, it’s fast!

3) 3DWW has their own Social Network and communication system.  Makes meetings, gatherings and events very easy!

4) In addition to our Slideshow Presentation options, you now have access to a Real-Time Chalkboard!

5) Our latest update include Offering a Teleport to your friends.  So if you find a world you want to share, invite your friend to come over with the click of a button!

Hope to see you inworld soon!

Remember, 3DWebWorldz is a website…in 3D.   Just click this link (https://3dwebworldz.com) and you are there.  No download or registration required.  If you don’t want to fool with the avatars or choosing a nametag, visit https://3DPortals.com for a complete solo experience.

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