3DWebWorldz In-World Menu Tools

Menu Icon

When your in-world menu panel is closed you will see this icon.  Click it to open the in-world menu tools. Use the "Close Menu" button to hide the in-world button menu panel.

Camera - Look in the Mirror

Click this button to look in the mirror at your avatar.

Camera - MouseLook

Click this button to move around the world with your avatar.  You will see the top of your head at the bottom of the screen.

Camera - Stealth Mode

Click the stealth button if you want to leave your avatar where it sits/stands, but still look around.  This is especially useful during classes, meetings, and workshops if you need to get closer to the chalkboard or presentation.

Teleport Home

Click this button to return to your home location.  Registered users can set their desired home location from the profile panel. Otherwise, this button will return you to the default landing.

Region Credits

Many of our regions include items created by talented 3D Artists.  Click the button to see their names in lights and, if available, their contact information.

Offer Teleport

Teleport offers are only available for registered users.  Click this button, choose their username from the pull-down list.  Enter a message if you wish.  The user will receive a pop-up message providing them the option to accept or decline. 

Teleport Directory

Click this button to see the different regions available for teleport.  Search using the topic buttons or use the complete list.  Click the related button for instant transport.

Presentation Control

Use this control to upload slides and manage your presentations.  Every region has a presentation option.  The region owner can place the presentation panel and choose a registered user as the "presenter."  (Click the Edit Tools button in the bottom bar, then the Edit Region Details button).

Radio Controls

Listen to music while you explore.  Choose the station of your preference.  To turn the radio off from the same panel.

Rebake Avatar / Set Avatar Position

If you land in-world and your avatar customizations or nametag do not follow you, click the button to rebake yourself.  You can also use this button to aid in building a region.  Click the button to set your prim drop position.

Reload the Current World

If something goes awry or you are building and wish to see your saved results, reload the world.  In most cases, there is no need to reload the entire browser page.  Try this button first.

You are Here Button

Feeling lost?  Look at the "You Are Here" button. You will find your name, device setting and the current region name listed for your convenience.

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