A2Z Smart Music Academy – Site Spotlight

A2Z Smart Music Academy  is a very involved project that incorporates Zen Cart to provide educational content.  That’s right, in this case, Zen Cart has been customized to be an online educational institution.  It is paired with another open source software called Amember which allows an easy method to provide educational tracks based on the student’s registration choices.

In this case, registration payment actually occurs through a registration system with Amember, not Zen Cart despite the fact that it is well known as a shopping cart system. In this case, the most productive and effective method of providing content was to tie these two softwares together with customized coding.  When a student logs in the system checks for registration and provides the educational content through Zen Cart.

If you like to sing, check out A2Z Smart Music Academy.  You get a WEALTH of information for less than a cup of gourmet coffee a week.

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