Region Live Stream Service Upgrade


If you already have a region, but wish to add live streaming services to that region, use this service upgrade option. The stream option is included with your region rental as a free bonus service. Cost is a one time set-up fee for a tech support to enter your land and set it up for you.

How it works: We will place a special prim in your region that will allow you to stream live presentations to your visitors. You can use free software programs (such as OBS or VMIX) to share your webcam, slideshow, videos and more.

After installation we will give you a special stream address and stream key password.

Once we provide you this special prim, you will be able to move it and resize as you desire.

We recommend joining the 3DWW Server ( for instant messaging options with our service staff. Enter your Discord Username below (Username#XXXX):

To upgrade your region, we need to know your Region Easy ID Number. Find it under your region building tools. Enter here:


**Please note it takes between 24-48 hours for region upgrade installations.