Dynamic URL Upgrade – Custom Member Log in Page

$4.99 / Month

If you already have a region and want to upgrade your service to include a custom log in page, add this service.

Choose a custom page name.

You will need your Region Easy ID Number (located under your region build tools) to order this service.

Only registered members can rent regions on https://3DWebWorldz.com. Enter your avatar name below. If you have not yet created a membership, do so for free here: https://3dww.a2zsg.com/3dlogin/register.html

We recommend joining the 3DWW Server ( https://discord.gg/Z9rhjtp) for instant messaging options with our service staff. Enter your Discord Username below (Username#XXXX):

Locate your Region Easy ID number by opening your Region Build Tools and enter below.

Add your custom website address. Examples:
https://myland.3dwebworldz.com (replace ‘myland’ with your choice.


Add or upgrade your virtual rental service to include a custom log in page for visitors. Includes security certificate for https address. For example: https://myland.3dwebworldz.com