3DWebWorldz Rental – Template #44-C

$9.99 / Month

Rent a 3DWebWorldz.com Virtual World Region with matching 3D Website on 3DPortals, starting with this specified template. We call this region a “Blank Region” but we have added a landing platform and sky so that when you enter you don’t land in the blackness of an empty space. The sky can be changed or removed. The landing platform can easily be deleted.

You can preview this template region as a 3DWebsite HERE.

Only registered members can rent regions on https://3DWebWorldz.com. Enter your avatar name below. If you have not yet created a membership, do so for free here: https://register.3dwebworldz.com

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**Please note it takes between 24-48 hours for a region setup.
 **Unused texture and object uploads may be deleted after thirty days unless they are high quality and provided to the common library for all users to share.