3DWebWorldz – Ready Rental #77-RR

$4.99 / month and a $24.99 set-up fee

Rent a region with matching 3D Website, starting with this specified template.

Preview this fully furnished region as a 3DWebSite HERE.

This region is ready to go and perfect for an art gallery, museum or learning exhibit. Built using template 61-1138, it is a two story building with the walls filled with 67 wall canvases ready to display your images. It was customized with new images, using template #115-477.

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A Designer URL provides you a website URL with direct login. That means when visitors log in from that page, they land in your region.

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**Please note it takes between 24-48 hours for a region setup.
 **Unused texture and object uploads may be deleted after thirty days unless they are high quality and provided to the common library for all users to share.