Web-Worldz -v3 Upgrade is Now Live


   A2Z3D.com, 3D Walk-In Website World,  continues to improve and expand in functionality!

v3 updates include:

  • Avatar Nametags;
  • Go Incognito as “Guest”;
  • Chat Name matches your chosen Nametag;
  • Touchscreen and Mobile Device Support;
  • Improved Menu System;
  • Logout Function;

Currently we have opted to keep this site password free to make access extremely easy and fast. As always, if you find any pesky bugs for your connection, please let us know!

v4 is already in the works, including some new functions and exciting world builds.  If you have suggestions or a web-worldz wishlist, let us know and we will see if we can get that included on the next update.

Check it out here:  Web-Worldz at A2Z3D.com, a 3D Walk-In Website World,

Thank you for LIKING and SHARING this new and exciting project with your friends!

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